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PPF Financial was established in 1975 and is a specialist provider of a range of financial services covering taxation, accounting, risk and wealth.


We create trusted relationships with our clients which result in outstanding outcomes for them. Our competence and knowledge is detailed and extensive.  We support decisions with the timely provision of quality information. Our systems are efficient, our planning detailed and our strategies effective.


The group comprises a number of entities which are collectively known as PPF Financial.

PPF Partners

Managed by Paul Ferla and Alicia Ferla

Offers accounting and taxation services

PPF Asset Management Limited

Managed by Paul Ferla and Eugene Ferla

Operates boutique managed investment schemes

PPF Advisory Pty Ltd

Managed by Paul Ferla and Eugene Ferla

Provides financial advice and wealth management services

PPF Risk and Finance Pty Ltd

Managed by Eugene Ferla and Gabriel Ferla

Specialist insurance and finance broker

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