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Servicing entity: PPF Asset Management Ltd

We have the detailed knowledge, proven experience and licence authorisations to provide a full range of Responsible Entity services. We have established registered schemes in a variety of asset classes under our licence and can assist promising investment managers to setup their own managed investment scheme and act as a Responsible Entity (for hire) for registered schemes.


Our fund services include:


  • Scheme registration

  • Production of offer/disclosure documents

  • Compliance plan design

  • Compliance monitoring: Corporations Act 2001 and Regulations, product disclosure statement, constitution, compliance plan

  • Liaison with the Australia Securities an Investment Commission (ASIC)

  • Management and adherence to legislative and regulatory requirements

  • Appointment and monitoring of external service providers

  • Back-office solutions (in-house or outsourced), including:

  1. scheme administration

  2. fund accounting

  3. unit registry

  4. portfolio valuation

  5. unit holder reporting

  • Complaints monitoring and resolution.


PPF Asset Management Ltd is licensed, qualified and equipped to deliver all legal, financial, and compliance requirements in its capacity as Responsible Entity (AFSL #229696).

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