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Servicing entity: PPF Partners


As qualified accountants and auditors with specialist knowledge, proficiency and skills in self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs), we can support you to meet your obligations and achieve compliance both as you grow your wealth and during retirement. Our SMSF services include:


  • Managing the establishment of a superannuation fund

  • Preparation of annual financial statements including member benefits statement

  • Preparation and lodgement of annual income tax returns

  • Fund auditing

  • Taxation compliance.



We will assist you in understanding  the options available to you when it comes to wealth creation and retirement planning. We can also support you to determine the resources required to achieve your retirement plans. We specialise in:


  • Maximising superannuation contributions and deductions

  • Maximising wealth creation through income, asset growth and tax efficiency

  • Structuring pension fund during retirement to achieve cash flow needs.


PPF Partners has the necessary skills and qualifications to assist you with your retirement planning and to manage your finances during retirement.

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