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Servicing entity: PPF Partners

The challenges businesses face are becoming increasingly complex with fraud and corporate crime on the rise. Your company’s data has never been more vulnerable. Commercial threats and disputes, and litigation are a real threat. Any breach can impact the reputation of your business, its value and your customers’ confidence.


By applying our investigative skills we can assist you to determine and effectively manage your vulnerabilities, reducing reputational risk, fraud, commercial loss, misconduct and the potential for breaches of rules and regulations.


We can also support you if you are in dispute to reach a mutual outcome through our information gathering, examination, investigation and assessment services through mediation and mitigation in:


  • Family disputes

  • Corporate and personal insolvency

  • Litigation

  • Fraud

  • Due diligence

  • Corruption

  •  Intellectual property

  • Business valuation

  • Restructuring and turnaround.


PPF Partners  has a detailed understanding of dispute resolution and investigation and has the necessary skills to meet your requirements.

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