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Servicing entity: PPF Risk & Finance Pty Ltd

Establishing a quality rapport with your lender is essential for the long-term survival and prosperity of your business. Our ability in finance and debt structuring and our longstanding banking relationships allow us to provide a range of support services to our clients, including:


  • Structuring of senior and mezzanine debt and risk solutions for either new financing opportunities or existing facilities.

  • Loan default support where we guide you through post-loan default events, including debt restructuring and re-negotiation of loan documentation.

  • Re-banking: with access to over 50 lenders, we assist you to create new banking relationships. We have established networks across domestic and international banks and the expertise to make such a transition as smooth as possible.

  • Credit enhancement solutions where we support borrowers to improve their credit profile, enabling access to increased loan-to-value ratios, extended loan terms, earlier access to debt facilities and a lowering of funding costs.

  • Mitigation of funding risk where we assist in diversifying your borrowing requirements via a panel of lenders.


Our approach to debt restructuring is planned and considered with a firm eye on the long term. PPF Risk & Finance can assist you when you are looking for new funding or when your existing debt facilities are no longer servicing your needs.

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