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Servicing entity: PPF Advisory Pty Ltd

The Australian Federal Government’s Significant Investor Visa (SIV) aims to attract investors and entrepreneurs to Australia. It provides a streamlined pathway to permanent residency for people from around the world who invest at least AUD 5,000,000 in complying investments for a minimum of four years, and have a genuine and realistic commitment to reside in Australia.


We understand the many stages of the SIV application process, and what constitutes a compliant investment can be complex. We maintain strong relationships with key experts in investment, taxation, migration, legal and financial matters, enabling us to deliver seamless outcomes across the legal, compliance and financial aspects of the SIV regime. Our SIV service focuses on:


  • Establishment of investment structure and continuous maintenance

  • Ongoing reporting and advice

  • Wealth management

  • Due diligence on complying investments and notice of any non-complying event

  • Financial planning and structuring

  • Taxation planning, lodgement and compliance

  • Introduction to a range of professionals covering migration in Victoria and overseas

  • Assistance with opening local bank accounts

  • Estate planning.


PPF Advisory Pty Ltd is skilled, authorised and qualified to provide assistance in understanding and navigating the complexities of the SIV regime in Australia and delivering successful outcomes.

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